SEO Tips For Your Photography Website

Do you want more visitors to your photography website? If you want to see a steady flow of traffic to your site and increase the amount of leads and bookings you receive, it is important that people can easily find you when they are searching online. This is where effective search engine optimization or SEO can help you to gain more exposure. The way Google ranks sites is constantly changing, so you want to ensure that you are following the current guidelines. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can use SEO to improve your rankings.

Keyword research is always an essential element in preparing your site and content to match the needs of people searching for your services. This means that you need to understand the type of phrases that are searched for frequently as well as some more specific terms that may be highly relevant to you what you have to offer. These longer phrases known as long tail keywords can be very beneficial as they are often related to people who are at the stage where they are ready to buy or make a booking.

It is also important to think about your locality when doing keyword research, and if you cover a particular region with your services, there will be searches made that are unique to the area and the type of photography required. For instance, someone looking for a wedding photographer in a particular place will type that request into a search engine to find what they want and will usually look at those sites that appear at the top of the results. These keywords can, therefore, be used within the content of your site.

If you have carried out your keyword research, you can then start to create content for your website that matches the information that people want to find. It is important that this is produced in a natural way so that you do not overuse the keyword, but you can include it in the title of a particular post as well as within your content so that it is informative and helpful to the website visitor. The content of your site should be your primary concern as Google can measure how long people stay on your site and this will affect your rankings. If you create great content based on your keyword research, you should rank well.

As a photographer, images will obviously be more critical to your success than other types of business. There are ways to optimize these for the search engines by using a relevant file name for the image and including a description based on the keywords you are targeting. Also, you want to ensure that image size does not slow down your site and there are tools you can use to scale images and reduce file sizes to ensure this is not an issue for you. In addition to making your site load quicker, you should also make sure it is mobile friendly as more and more people use their smartphones to view websites.

If you follow these SEO tips to research relevant keywords, create great content and optimize your images, you should attract more visitors to your photography website.