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It’s been a while since I’ve done a Fabulous Friday Find and I’ve missed it. I’m going with the whole “but it’s a new year” mentality and starting the posts up again every now and then. I’ve been “new-yearing” a lot of things and hoping to get away with it for as long as possible. What was that? It’s a new year and you think I should take more chances and not look at price tags as often? Oh, and since it’s a new year, we should live on the edge, pack up our bags, and head to Italy you say? Why yes, yes… it’s a new year, let’s do something crazy like buy Diana that purse she’s been eyeing. Anyway, back to my post.

My fabulous Friday find really has nothing to do with my lack of better judgement, my dream trip, or the purse. It has to do with a girl I featured a while back and her new, amazing product for Showit. A totally awesome and fabulous designer whom I simply cannot categorize as one thing because she does it all, Promise has designed SITEHOUSE, a design template service for websites. It’s affordable, fun, completely customizable, diverse, and my favorite, so easy to use. No need to know HTML or hire a translator. Promise has made it easy to change logos, colors, and features in order to make the website your brand. So if any of you are looking to do a website in lieu of new-yearing it like I am (did I forget to mention that?), SITEHOUSE is a great option to have. Happy Friday to you!

It was stuff that dreams are made of. On a beautiful beach in the South of France,  Michael was vacationing with his cousin when he spotted a girl he couldn’t take his eyes off of. Unsure yet convinced, he walked over to Ganna with his cousin and asked if she could take their picture. Ganna however, mistook Michael’s cousin for his girlfriend and proceeded to tell them that being in the South of France with the one you loved required a more romantic photo. Before she could say another word, Michael cleared up the situation and right then and there, fell head over heels in love with the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen in the most beautiful place on earth.

For a short while, they traveled between his hometown in New York and hers in London. It was stuff that dreams are made of. Michael couldn’t bare to be away from Ganna and asked her to move to the states. And spend the rest of her life with him. Before she could believe it, Ganna was moving to a new country, getting engaged, and beginning her life alongside the man that was unsure, yet convinced. What started as a vacation in the South of France turned into a whirlwind romance filled with adventure, love, and passion. The stuff that dreams are made of.

Ganna & Michael have been temporarily living in Ft. Lauderdale for Michael’s work and planned their wedding at the amazing W Hotel. Ganna is a gorgeous model who found me on a site I had made a profile for as a photographer a year ago and never checked. She finally tracked down my email and their wedding was Adi and I’s last one of 2010. To say that it was perfect would be the understatement of the decade. Ganna & Michael, what can I say other than we absolutely love you guys! I’m so thankful I made that god-awful profile a year ago because it brought me you. And your love story. And our friendship. Adi and I felt so welcomed at your wedding and we are so blessed to now call you friends. Enjoy your photos and don’t forget to click here for a slideshow!

Ganna’s white rose bouquet was a classic and absolutely stunning…The bridal party was lucky enough to carry this beautiful bouquet below… No wonder Michael spotted Ganna in France. I mean, just look at her!
Not one to be outdone, Michael looked quite handsome as well. And that smile? He knows he’s done good for himself. :)
Their first look was so romantic. And utterly adorable. What was that? Oh, yes…stuff that dreams are made of. ;)Ganna allotted plenty of time before the ceremony for photos at the most perfect time of day. I just looove my brides. And all of these below…

While I was shooting the photo above, Adi captured the reflection shot below. With the W logo. And I was très jealous. Ganna. So. Very. Gorge. The photo below on the right is one of my favorites I’ve taken. It’s just so romantic. I had to give Ganna’s bridesmaids some love. These girls were so fabulous, I swear they all stepped out of a Vogue magazine.
The intimate ceremony took place right on the balcony of their hotel suite just as the sun was beginning to set. Here’s my view below:And here’s Adi’s view:One of the best moments of any wedding day is the first kiss and the recessional. There’s such a sense of joy and accomplishment that is simply unmatched. The W Hotel oozes in cool, contemporary design and we loved capturing all the details.  Happy Wednesday to you!

Three days into 2011 and I feel tired already. There is so much excitement surrounding the holidays that after it’s all done, it can be a bit alarming. Depressing, even. But the new year brings about new hopes, new loves, and renewed spirits. Yesterday, gym parking lots were full, church was packed, and phone lines were busy… all signs that resolutions have taken off to a good start. :) Adi and I did a lot of nothing after Christmas and loved every minute. We relished in the quietness of the after Christmas craziness, went on walks, read, slept in, rented movies, and ate breakfast at noon. We rung in the new year amongst friends and family and surprised ourselves by not falling asleep on their sofas this year. All in all, it’s been absolutely wonderful and I’m excited for the anticipation of what lies ahead in the upcoming months. Let’s hope it’s filled with laughter, health, sparkling dresses, art, good morning coffee, trips around the world, & kisses from those you love. Here’s to anticipation, no regrets, and the impossible! May it be a great 2011! Taken with my phone on the last day of 2010. Eating icecream. On a walk. Perfect. :)