Amy: Just Because Photoshoot

May 17th, 2010

I believe there are some people you are just magnetically attracted to… those that have a certain something about them that just draw you in. It’s as if the aura that surrounds them is just a tad more powerful. Some people claim that they can visibly see this aura around other people. While I’m not gifted in that department, Amy has such a strong presence about her that you can’t help but see a visible, fabulous aura around her. I remember when I first saw her stroll in the classroom…confident, beautiful, and sweet. She was one of those girls that you just had to get to know… a girl you could see yourself shop with, have coffee with, laugh with, and tackle the heavy topics surrounding politics and religion with. And that’s exactly who she is…someone who can do all that with such kindness, intelligence, and love in her heart, you can’t help but be completely and utterly drawn into her.  You also can’t help but know that she will be successful with everything she touches.

I find myself easily pulled towards magnets of depth. People who are much more than what they appear or let on. Without a doubt, I knew certain things about Amy…things that were apparent. But as our friendship grew, so did my knowledge of her deep love for life and even deeper heart for others. She knows where she came from and though life seems a bit easier for those who have that “it” checklist, it wasn’t always this way for Amy. But she learned, grew, and became better with each obstacle life threw her way. She looks at the bright side of things and more often than not, ends up encouraging people without even realizing it. And over our mutual love for chai lattes, cupcakes, and The Phillies (well this one’s more hers than mine), I’ve gotten to know a side of the girl who had a fabulous aura around her that surpassed all my expectations. Amy, you’re absolutely, positively, naturally…. beautiful. Inside and out. :)

We started the day shooting in Amy’s building and then had a blast walking around Delray Beach and finding perfect nooks with gorgeous light!

Yes, Amy’s eyes really are that blue. Yes, life really isn’t that fair. :)

Just a little walk away and we discovered a heavenly patch of pretty sunlight.

Amy’s purse deserved a few shots in the spotlight. I contemplated trading my camera in for it. 

We found this great little area by the beach and soon discovered Amy’s aura attracted hundreds of pinching flies… ;)

New outfit in tow, and off to the railroad tracks we went! I love this shot that just sort of happened as I was making Amy laugh so hard she began to reach for her stomach. Ok so that’s not completely accurate… True story: during our walk to the railroad tracks, I broke my flipflop. Not just casually or gracefully, it looked as if a car had ran over it….twice. And all that, because I managed to step wrong on a straight sidewalk with no cracks or bumps in sight. So I managed to take all these shots with only one flipflop on. Needless to say, I have tons of shots where Amy is laughing. Hard. At me. :)

But she was back to being fierce in no time at all…

I adore this set…As we walked back to wrap up, Amy had a brilliant idea to use dogs as props. So we found these two gems…

But this guy was our favorite. 

7 Responses to “Amy: Just Because Photoshoot”

  1. You have certainly achieved J* sharpness…now please share the secret with me!!! No really, awesome photoshoot!!!!

  2. D.Lu says:

    HA! lauren, putting me in any sentence with J* makes my week. Heck, my MONTH. so thank you for that! =) as for sharpness, i just held my breath a lot. haha

  3. D.Lu says:

    oh and magic sharp is my best friend. =)

  4. Damaris Mia says:

    You are seriously amazing. No joke.

  5. D.Lu says:

    aww well thank you hun! that goes both ways! =)

  6. You are amazing. Plain and simple.

    I seriously looked through this set of photos like, 5 times. Everyone is unique and beautiful. I agree with the comment above… I see some J*.

    What a beautiful shoot! Beautiful colors, beautiful model… all of the above. :-)


  7. D.Lu says:

    Thank you so much brooke! I cant’ tell you how much I appreciate you taking time out to write such nice things! And yes, my model is BEAUTIFUL which made it so easy! :) I LOVE the vintage look to your blog and can’t wait to learn more and more about you! =) So jealous you made it to Escalate! :)

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