Boasting about winter .

January 12th, 2011

Forget red and blue — color America white. According to the Washington Times, it seems some crazy snow storm has affected 49 states out of 50. I read this and was all, but I wore a tank top yesterday! Apparently, Hawaii and South Florida are the only ones in the country to not have snow. I don’t mean to boast but I wore a tank top. And sandals. I’ll admit, in the summer I mutter all sorts of nasty, mean things under my breath about Florida but in the winter? I bless it with caressing, loving words. On any given “winter” weekend, you’ll find me reading books outside, jogging with Adi, enjoying breakfast on my balcony, and boasting to my northerner friends.

Yesterday, I spent quite a bit of time outdoors and couldn’t help but wonder how all you other 48 states do it. I mean, I love snow and find it so incredibly beautiful and peaceful… for about 3 days. After that, I’m tired of layering, hat hair, and heaters in cars that don’t work fast enough. I’m tired of cold hands, dry skin, and jackets I can’t move in. So it always surprises me when people voluntarily choose to live in such places and deal with 4, 5, sometimes 6 months of cold winters. And I’m curious… why?! If you live in any such climate, I’d love to be enlightened. On that note, Adi and I just booked our tickets to go to NY in February. :)

The photo to the right was taken last year in January, freezing. And the photo to the left? A few days ago. Warm. Happy Wednesday indeed!

9 Responses to “Boasting about winter .”

  1. Nadya says:

    I live in NJ and it just snowed again last night! I hate it!! It’s nice as you said the first few times but when you own a home and have to shovel and then by day 2 it’s ugly dirty snow and its cold and the sun is never out and its gets depressing. So yea we don’t deal with it to well, im ready for spring and warmth! ^.^

  2. Arlie F says:

    You said it sister!! Love my Florida winters :)

  3. CRISTINE says:

    Diana~ gorgeous as always!!! i really should listen to Nick and move to Florida!!! Lucky girl!! <3

  4. christine says:

    we got a whopping inch here and Washingtonians are freaking out.

  5. D.Lu says:

    Yes, yes… move to Florida… you will NOT regret it. Ok maybe when the summer rolls around…
    whoa! AN INCH?! Slow down there Washington! =) Nadya, I feel you… I can’t imagine shoveling anything in that kind of cold. My heart goes out to you and as well as an open invitation to Florida ;)

  6. Alina says:

    I wish I could “enlighen” you as far as why us, northeners love our winters. Personally, now that I know both ends of the spectrum (lived in Florida for 2 winters and the rest of the 28 winters in cold weather!!!)…i have to say I would never trade my snow for anything in the world. There is nothing more awesome than to be stuck in the house (literally b/c you can’t open your screen door due to snow), watching the snow fall for 15 hours straight..and watching the picnic table in your back yard disappear as the day progressed and the snow fell. Then…when the sun starts setting and you go outside to evaluate the ‘damage” ad to figure out which white pile of snow is YOUR car so you can clean it for tomorrow’s crazy drive to work. It warms your heart… warms mine at least!!!! Hahahahaha…Diana..i always enjoy your comments about winter weather in the north…keep it coming! Oh yeah…and your pictures…can’t get enough of those!!!! Be blessed my dear!!!

  7. Stacy Povian says:

    i LOVED the snow and having to stay home from work on monday, the very first day. i begged my roommates (from the northern states) to come out an play in the snow and it was the best! then the next days rolled around and i thought i was going to die of cabin fever. i need the snow to melt, now!

  8. D.Lu says:

    haha! This has been great to read! Alina, you’re description actually did warm my heart… and I do enjoy seeing snow for the first few days, even maybe a week. But having to LIVE with it probably would do the opposite to my heart. =) I just can’t imagine shoveling, being stuck inside for so long (though, I’d get a lot done that’s for sure), and having to constantly layer my clothes. It seems just a bit of a hassle but I agree that it is absolutely beautiful. There is something very serene and peaceful about it. If only it were warm snow…lol. Stacy, cabin fever and I would NOT get along either. I am feeling with you…

  9. Alina says:

    Hahaha…’re funny!! but I just realized…is the picture on the right taken in Kithchener??!! Because I totally recognize those buildings!!!!!

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