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January 25th, 2011

After a week filled with events leading up to my sister-in-law’s wedding day, I’ve finally been able to sit and catch up on facebook. Thump…there goes Adi’s head hitting the keyboard. Repeatedly. Yes, I’ve missed blogging, facebook, twitter, email, and all the other social media outlets that connect us. When I signed on this morning, there it was… my sister-in-law’s beautiful wedding filled up friends’ and families’ albums and I smiled to myself as I felt re-connected to that day. This past Sunday, Elisa married the man of her dreams, the one she wanted to spend every waking moment with…forever. The day was perfectly filled with joy, emotion, and love… so much love.

Adi and I were a part of the wedding party and felt so blessed to be able to take part in the most beautiful day of their lives. Whenever I wasn’t bustling my sister-in-law’s wedding dress, running around trying to find missing family members, or fixing her veil, I was shooting. It was difficult to not pick up my camera more often but I had confidence that Oana & Lauren wouldn’t miss a moment. Here are just a few I was able to get and Elisa and Sam, when you read this in Mexico, know that we love you.That we’re SO happy and excited for you, and really…your day was a blessing to witness and we are thankful for the chance to have been part of your connection. I would say we can’t wait to see you but I’m sure you will want to spend every last moment relaxing in the sun and waking up to one other’s happily ever after.

10 Responses to “Connection .”

  1. Denisa says:

    Aw, she was beautiful! I’m happy for both of them. I cant believe Sam got hitched! I remember when he was a little kid. :) Great job girly!

  2. Selahlie says:

    Wow! Gorgeous shots! That black and white looks like it belongs in a magazine!

  3. Lidia says:

    beautiful!!! the couple and the photos!

  4. becky says:

    exactly what i was hoping to see on your blog today!!! YAY! ahhhh i wish wish wish i could’ve been there, but i’m glad they had such a lovely wedding. And of course she looked stunning….as was expected!

    these pics made my day. thanks di!

  5. Your pics turned out AWESOME!! LOVE!

  6. D.Lu says:

    Lauren, I can’t WAIT to see yours!

  7. Stacy P says:

    wow. she is incredibly gorgeous!!

  8. laney says:

    beautiful bride, handsome groom, awesome wedding shots, what more can you ask for? =)

  9. D.Lu says:

    They are quite the lookers aren’t they? You can imagine how difficult it was to put my camera DOWN.

  10. Diana! your photo’s are to die for. I can’t wait to see more! especially from this wedding, the bride is so soooo pretty. :)

    - Ali

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