Fabulous Friday: Faur Media Design .

January 21st, 2011

On my drive home yesterday, I was listening to a radio program about starting your own business. I know, I’m not nearly as exciting or interesting as I’d like to be. I’ve always been interested in the aspects of entrepreneurship and the stages of running a successful business. They discussed everything from customer service to capital gain to branding. Pause. Why oh why isn’t there a pause button for radio?! I wanted to soak in all the information I could, particularly because branding is so interesting to me. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit this and Adi always laughs at me, but I won’t buy a product that doesn’t have good packaging and branding. I firmly believe that the outside sells what’s in the inside and if the outside fails, I assume the inside will as well. Call it faulty, call it judgmental, but that’s just the way it is for me. Branding is a long process that takes time, money, and patience but I believe it can increase your sales and reputation tremendously.

When I was putting my boards together for my thesis project, I knew I needed a logo for my resort. Because every well established resort has one, it made sense to create one for a resort that I would hope would become well established as well. I had a very specific look in mind but had no idea how to create it so I turned to a professional. I told him what I wanted and within a very short time period, was sent over three choices. I had a difficult time choosing because I loved them all so much but in the end, went with one that I felt complimented my design and what I wanted my resort to be represented through. To this day, I truly believe that that logo did so much for my project and helped to really “sell” it to the judges. It was more realistic, professional, and solidified because of it. So I wanted to write this post about the importance of logos and branding and the like. I’m working towards this with my photography business and if any of you are looking for an amazing graphic designer, look no further than Chris over at Faur Media Design. Thanks to him, my project was taken to another level. Hope this has helped someone in some way and if not, I blame the radio guys for not having a pause button. If any of you are wondering, the ginkgo leaf was my inspiration for my project and I loved the fact that Chris incorporated it into my logo. My design was also very symmetrical which is also represented in the logo. Oh, how I love when professionals listen and follow through. Happy thank-God-it’s-Friday!

5 Responses to “Fabulous Friday: Faur Media Design .”

  1. laney says:

    I totally agree with you 100% about branding. I LOVE the look of the Publix store brand because of the crisp and clean look. My husband laughs at me about it but I don’t care. It also hurt that it’s cheaper too. =)

  2. Stacy P says:

    he did a great job :) speaking of chris…will we get to see any pics from the wedding soon? no rush…just really looking forward to them!

  3. D.Lu says:

    Laney I am SO glad we share the same silly passion and have the same reaction from our husbands. :) Stacy, I know, same here! haha All I will say is that they are coming to a blog near you very very soon. ;)

  4. Eileen says:

    Great information. I agree about the packaging, especially when it comes to shoes. But there is a problem with that, is so hard to trow away the boxes. lol

  5. D.Lu says:

    Eileen…shoes are a tough one to walk away from me no matter what! haha ;)

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