Julie: Just Because

November 22nd, 2010

The subject line was “HI! Can’t think of anything catchy…”. Intrigued, I opened the email and knew right away we’d be friends. We were both new photographers trying to find our way in a big city that was established with veteran photogs. We were both inexperienced but passionate, newly married, and shared a mutual love for Home Goods. After emailing back and forth for a while, we finally met for lunch and became official comrades. We talked everything from branding, editing, lenses, photographers we loved, what our goals were, and Canon vs. Nikon. We decided to help each other in any way we can by supporting one another and reaching out in every way possible. Flash forward 8 months later, and our photography comradery has grown into a great friendship. When Julie emailed me about taking a few headshots for her new website, I couldn’t type “yes!!!” fast enough and with enough exclamation marks. And when she mentioned it was also her 1 year anniversary and she’d love a few shots with her hubby, I couldn’t have been more excited to be the one to document the celebration. For the sake of not crashing my blog with all the images I’d love to put up, I will make this post about Julie. Here’s the fun we had as we “tried” to get great shots for her new website. I say “tried” because we spent most of the shoot laughing and chatting away. Julie, thanks for writing me back in March, being such a wonderful support system, and just an all around great friend…I am so excited for your future, seeing your new website & blog, and watching you pursue your dreams. Here is the absolutely beautiful Julie Jarrell…  make sure to check out her blog here and bookmark it as she will soon be launching a newly designed one. :)

Julie looked so fabulous and stylish…I could have shot her all day long! I adore her smile… and I’m going to totally take credit for bringing it out :) Special thanks to Natasha Armada for Julie’s makeup. LADIES, this is why getting your makeup done before a photoshoot is so important. Flawless skin? Oh, YES.

Julie shoots Nikon. I shoot Canon. I still love her…. ;) Umm, so you’re fiercely gorge…like seriously…
J’adooorreee these…..
A huge shout out to Coral Gables, Miami for providing such gorgeous light and awesome little spots… I heart you. Happy Monday to you all!

5 Responses to “Julie: Just Because”

  1. Michelle says:

    ohmygod! What beautiful shots! She looks beautiful and though I don’t know her, I feel like she has such a warmth to her…fantastic job!

  2. Kaylyn says:

    Great shots Diana! They are all so perfectly exposed and I love that your images are so clean, crisp, and yet soft and beautiful at the same time. Well done. :)

  3. Alex says:

    Wow your photography is BEAUTIFUL! I love these portraits! She must have been so happy with them!

  4. D.Lu says:

    thank you all! :) She is VERY warm and extremely likeable…in fact, loveable is more like it! :)

  5. Jennifer Olariu says:

    The lighting is incredible! Great job diana!

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