Applying Terrazzo Floors At Home

Dec 11th

Terrazzo Floors – The terrazzo is a type of stone pavement made with pieces of marble, although it can also be of granite or other materials, that are united by means of a cement-type binder. Normally you can find two layers, the proper view, where that mortar is attached to the marble, and not seen, which would be directly Portland cement or similar with silica sand. It will be the use of different types of stone, be it granite or marble, with different colors and the addition of various colorings to the binder that unites them, which will have you count with an enormous variety to choose from. Depending on the placement, it will be a floor that is made on site or comes in tiles of industrial production.

Terrazzo Floors Restoration
Terrazzo Floors Restoration

To know how to make a terrazzo floor correctly, it will be necessary to distinguish if you are going to put it with tiles or if you are going to put it in situ: First of all clean the surface on which you are going to install this terrazzo floors. Usually, it will be a forged. Secondly, and especially if you are in a housing building with neighbors below, it is convenient that you install an acoustic insulation against impact noise that dilutes the noise that your footsteps or that of your children playing with the ball. Then strip a layer of sand and a mortar about 2cm thick. At this stage, you have to place all the tiles.

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Normally, and especially in buildings of flats, you will do it from the door that gives to the entrance hall to the interior of the house. To do this, moisten the slabs and see placing them, usually ensuring that it is flat with a rubber mallet. Help yourself with laser levels or levels or by pinning yourself to the lines on the wall drawn with azulene. After placing the tiles, you have to seal the terrazzo floors properly. Pour a white cement grout or, even better, a grout joint.

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