Glass Table Cover Repairing

Feb 4th

Glass table cover – Accidents happen and having a scratch on your glass top can be a shame for the city and impair the quality of your furniture. Covering a glass table top with a cover will reduce the risk of a scratch in the future. Depending on the weight of the element, scratched glass and the depth of scratches, removing the trademark may require some time and money. But do not give up on your glass table cover without trying a few options to fix a scratch. Certainly, its will be a nice project. To repair it, can starting with apply a thin layer of nail polish to the bottom using the application brush. Allow nail polish to dry for 5 minutes.

Traditional Glass Table Cover
Traditional Glass Table Cover

And use nail polish remover to clean away excess polish. To remove excess polish, pour a skinned medium size of nail polish remover on a clean cloth and wipe around the bottom. Second, buff Brasso cleans into the bottom. For tougher glass table cover scratches, Brasso Multi-Purpose Metal Polish can reduce the appearance of the bottom. Pour 3:57 drops Brass clean on a clean cloth and polish scratches in a circular motion. Use a part of the fabric that has no cleaner to dry the scratched area. Repeat if the bottom is. Third, buy an Anvil Glass Revive Kit.

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This set is the closest you can get to professionally remove glass table cover scratches without taking the cover top to a glass specialist. The kit contains 10 points to help you safely remove scratches, including spray bottles, polishing discs, pillows and polishing creams and polishing solution. Fourth, take the cover to a glass specialist. If the base is too deep or requires intensive labor, get it repaired by a specialist to save time and money. If necessary, the specialist may replace the glass.

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