Ideas to Remove Floor Squeegee

Jan 16th

Floor squeegee – If you are remodeling your home, one of the worst tasks will surely be to remove the linoleum floor. Once you manage to remove the floor, you will find the old glue, which will probably be a lot and hard as a rock, on the entire floor. Below you will find an instruction guide to help you complete your task. Do not be discouraged, remember that the final result will be worth the hard work. Instructions Steps to follow for linoleum floors on wooden floor. Remove some linoleum in a corner to determine the direction of the wood floor. In 6-inch strips cut the linoleum in the same direction as the wooden floor. This will ensure that you do not leave marks on the wooden floor with your knife.

Wonderful Floor Squeegee
Wonderful Floor Squeegee

Another precaution you should take is to make sure to sink the sheet to the thickness of the linoleum and not further down. Using the heat gun, heat the linoleum and begin to remove it while you control that the glue does not cool. This can be done with a scraper or a sharp knife. Carefully, to avoid leaving deep marks on the wood, remove the rest of the glue from the floor. Use a sander and remove any glue residue from the floor squeegee.

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If you prefer not to scratch the wood floor squeegee, another option is to use a solvent to remove the glue. You can also place a towel on the glue and throw boiling water on top. Leave the towel there for 10 minutes and the glue will soften enough to scratch and remove it easily. Steps to follow for the linoleum floor on cement slab 1. Cut the floor into strips approximately 6 inches wide. Heat with the heat gun to loosen the glue before removing the floor. Use a floor scraper to remove the remaining glue. You can loosen the glue with soapy water or solvent before.

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