Painted Staircase and Railings: Do It Yourself

Nov 10th

Painted staircase – Before do this project, make sure there is enough space to work clearing the area around the stairs and removing the carpet or hallway carpets. Cover any surface that you do not want to paint with newsprint or protectors and fasten with masking tape if necessary. Do you see a nail or tack of carpet that protrudes? If so, place them about 2 or 3 mm inside the wood surface and cover them with wood putty. So you will have a uniform surface to work on. If you are going to paint on varnish, gently sand the carpentry with fine sandpaper to create a rough surface.

Two Colors Painted Staircase
Two Colors Painted Staircase

In this way the new coat of paint will adhere better. (If the current paint is in bad condition, use a paint stripper instead of sanding paper to remove the old paint.) Pass the vacuum cleaner up the stairs and railing and then wipe with a damp cloth to remove traces of dust and dirt. Then wipe them thoroughly with a cloth. It is time to apply a base coat for painted staircase. A good coat of primer will ensure that the paint will adhere better to the surface and increase its durability. Use a primer or primer paint for wood on all exposed wood and putty surfaces. You can use Sell tine if you use products based on solvent.

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Or also Universal Preparation Acrylic if you decant for a water-based paint. When the primer coat is completely dry, you can start to paint. Start at the top of the stairs and go down, making sure you cover every grain of wood. Wait 6 to 8 hours before applying a second coat. In case you go to paint the stairs and the railing of a different color, paint each section separately and let them dry well before continuing. For a perfect finish painted staircase and railings, use masking tape where the two colors meet. Once the paint is dry, you can reposition the carpet in the hallway. Or can also leave the stairs exposed for a clear and classic look that will highlight your paint job.

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