How to Repair Lift Coffee Table

Mar 29th

Lift coffee table is similar to one that’s traditional until you pull up on the edge. The top lifts away from the base, reveals hidden storage inside. Some constructions feature stretches that allow you to draw coffee tables against you, creating a tray that sits slightly above the table. Repairing a lift-off coffee table is about finding the exact cause of the damage.

Lift Coffee Table Review
Lift Coffee Table Review


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Open lift coffee table and examine the hinges on the inside. If the screws are too loose, the table top may feel friendly – and if the screws are too tight, the table will not open properly. Loosen or tighten the screws to fix your problem. Lift and extend the table if the coffee table has extended brackets. Spray the consoles with a liberal coating of spray lubricants. Leave the lubricant on the fixture for 10 minutes and easily rinse the surface with an old cloth, wipe out excess lubricants. The lubricant prevents rubbing and loosens tight braces. Turn the table upside down and watch the table legs. The table legs often have a screw-in design that attaches to a hole at the bottom of the table.

If the table feels loose or friendly, the legs may not be tight. Grab the end of each leg and look properly tightened. Repair fine scratches on the surface of the lift coffee table with a wooden paint stick. Make sure you match the color of your table. The pencils are similar to thick crayons. Just rub the stick over the fine scratches and polish with an old cloth. Cover deeper scratches and chips with wood kittens. Peel a small lump of filler from the container, rubbing between the hands and pressing the damaged area. Easily disperse with your fingers. After the dirt dries, sand the excess away with a fine slip paper. Paint matching bets over the putty and wipe the excess with a cloth.

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Tips and warnings

For pip hinges, spray the bolt on hinges with spray lubricants. The lubricant slowly drops into the hinge, moisturizing the inside and stops the hinges from gnashing.

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