Special Decoration Rattan Placemats

Nov 30th

Rattan Placemats – A business meeting, a meal with friends, a wedding, a family day outdoors … Just as we wear a clothing or another depending on the occasion, it is logical to dress the table according to the event we are about to celebrate. The tablecloths are the main protagonists for the decoration of the table. They are the base where we will arrange the rest of elements (cutlery, crockery, napkins …) and determine the aesthetics, the tone, of the food. Our unconscious is clear. From psychoanalysis, they assert that if in dreams we see tables with beautiful tablecloths and full of food, it is a symbol of prosperity.

Rattan Placemats Square
Rattan Placemats Square

While discordant, stained, wrinkled tablecloths … may be a prelude to problems or complications. Individual rattan placemats, provided they are made of quality fabric, are currently used for both casual and elegant meals. There are a variety of prints, allow a detailed and personalized table decoration, and are most functional. Gone are the days when there was a single large tablecloth, white or cream, for a lifetime and to dress all the foods that came. As we said, currently the market offers a wide range of individual tablecloths, different colors, and patterns, with which we can play to evoke the atmosphere that best fits the type of food we have prepared.

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If we are thinking of organizing a work dinner, or a more sophisticated meal with friends and family, we should not rule out the possibility of using individual rattan placemats with a more formal design: they may be even more elegant than the traditional ones and they will lighten the table and, consequently, the meeting. Children are thrilled to have their own space and so they love to eat at a table with individual tablecloths. It may take a while to persuade our elders to keep that large, special and delicate tablecloth that only appears once a year, but the fact is that individual tablecloths can perfectly clothe the Christmas table.

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