Very Useful Natural Rattan Shelf

Dec 22nd

Rattan Shelf The ideal wicker for good weather due to its freshness and naturalness will flood the stay making the place cozy. Capture the ideas of how to use it wherever you want, because it is suitable for your entire home. For those who do not know their origin, the wicker is a vegetable fiber that is obtained from the willow family, is woven and used for countless objects. There are references to the use of this material from Ancient Egypt. At first it was used to make baskets and containers. However now we can find all kinds of objects made from this material.

Rattan Shelf Wall
Rattan Shelf Wall

The fact that it is natural endows the stay with a special touch, close to nature that works perfectly in any home. However, the wicker does not fit certain styles that are completely opposite, such as the minimalist. It is the best choice in natural environments, warm and with a rustic touch indoors. But in terms of exteriors is the material par excellence. In the laundry room you can stock up on several shelves with rattan shelf baskets. You can save everything you want without being in sight and remove them to move your content at home. These shelves with basket are also seen in kitchens. If you like do not hesitate to buy some for your home!

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As for the colors, the natural is roasted beige, but can be dyed the color you want. It combines with everything because it conforms to neutral and soft colors but creates a nice contrast with more intense colors. It is a rattan shelf resource in bathrooms as there are drawers of all types, colors, styles and sizes. They will make you the role of both auxiliary furniture and a washbasin cabinet like the one in the picture. Get baskets and hang from the wall by the base create shelves for towels.

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